Smart Master Mastering Plug-in

Sonic Perfection Simplified: Embrace the Warmth of Analog Sound in a User-Friendly Package

Discover the mastering software that outperforms the competition while keeping things simple! Our solution offers all the essential features that mastering engineers require, without the complexity and high price tag of other options on the market. By focusing on delivering exceptional sound quality, our software creates a unique, analog-characteristic sound that sets it apart from rivals.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your audio productions with a mastering software designed to achieve outstanding results, while being both user-friendly and affordable. Make the smart choice for your music production needs and experience the difference for yourself.

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With the purchase of Smart Master, you will receive the WT-01 synthesizer plug-in for free.


The Ultimate Mastering Suite with Unbeatable Value!

This feature-rich package includes a Maximizer, Tube Emulation, Multiband Compressor, Equalizer, Auto Equalizer, Stereo Enhancer, Mid/Side Editing, Transient Enhancer

Smart Master GUI1

This software runs on Windows operating system. VST2 / VST3, 32-64-bit.

Experience top-notch sound quality without breaking the bank, as Smart Master delivers exceptional results at an unbeatable price. Elevate your audio productions with the perfect combination of affordability and sonic excellence.

Smart Master Compressor

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Maximizer, Compressor, Maximizer

Smart Master also features a versatile 4-way multiband compressor and a 4-way stereo imager, allowing you to edit the volume of side and middle sounds with ease. The Pan function lets you adjust their position in space, while the Delay function creates an enhanced sense of depth when needed.

Our Tube Emulation, a hallmark of the Smart Master series, delivers unparalleled warmth, producing fat subs and beautifully crisp high frequencies like no other program on the market.

Experience the power of Maximizer with Smart Master: Prevent overdrive and boost your audio's volume effortlessly. By treating frequencies with a compressor or HP filter, our software can achieve distortion-free sound even at extreme (-2RMS) levels, ensuring optimal performance. *Please note that extreme settings are not recommended for general use.

Smart Master Saturation

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Etalon, Reference

With Smart Master, you can easily load reference material and compare it to the sound of your own production displayed on the screen. This feature is extremely useful and simpler than similar products from our competitors. With this tool, you can create the desired sound in no time, making it a must-have for any audio professional.