WT-01 Synthesizer

Unleash Your Creativity with WT-01: The Ultimate Wavetable Synthesizer

WT-01 is a cutting-edge Wavetable Synthesizer that delivers exceptional sound quality, easy-to-use features, and endless creative possibilities. Unlike other virtual analog software, WT-01's unique algorithm ensures that unplanned frequencies are processed in a way that produces high-quality, transparent sound. With 240 presets and the ability to mix and save custom Wavetables, you have unlimited potential to create the sounds you want. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, WT-01's intuitive interface and powerful modulation and sequence settings make it easy to achieve your musical vision. Don't miss out on this incredible synthesizer – get WT-01 today! This is free when you purchase our Smart Master software. There's no need to add it separately to your cart, as it's included by default among the files of Smart Master.


With the purchase of WT-01, you will receive the Mastering book, Wavetable editor for free.


+Kujashi Preset Bank for WT-01